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Global bot flag request for Lingua Libre Bot[upraviť]

Apologies for sending this message solely in English. Pomôžte prosím s prekladom do svojho jazyka.

Dobrý deň,

This is a notice pursuant the global bot policy, to inform you that Lingua Libre Bot is requesting approval to operate as a global bot.

The discussion can be found at Steward requests/Bot status in Meta-Wiki. All Wikimedia Community members can participate in the discussion if they so wish.

Děkujeme vám.

You are receiving this message because this page is listed in the list of pages to notify about new global bot discussions. If you no longer wish to be notified, you may remove this page from that list at any time.

--MA (diskusia) 11:04, 21. august 2023 (UTC)[odpovedať]

Request for global bot flag for CommonsDelinker[upraviť]


This is a notification to let you know that a new request for the global bot flag for CommonsDelinker has been started.

Please note that the request will remain open for 14 days starting today. You can leave a comment or opinion on the relevant page!

Best regards --Superpes15 (talk)